Volunteer Students: Saint-Lucia needs you!

If you:

  • Enjoy alternative get-aways in a picturesque setting;
  • Like to interact with locals on a daily basis;
  • Look forward to creating bonds with Saint-Lucians;
  • Would like to get hands-on practice for a few weeks or months;
  • Are over 23;
  • Hold or prepare a degree in:  English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, French, Spanish or Cooking;
  • Speak English, Spanish or French fluently;

A number of Saint-Lucian schools would be happy to offer you temporary volunteering positions as:

1) Assistant Teacher

– To speed up transitions between classes

– To give the teacher a chance to concentrate on specific students or to step out to speak to a parent or colleague while keeping the class focused and organized

– To help explain assignments

– To help maintain students’ attention

– To make sure that students have the right material and documents and finish assignments in time

2) Remedial teacher

a) In a separate classroom or in the courtyard during class: creates a space where students that have difficulties performing a particular task or that disrupt the class could feel comfortable to be helped to catch up and get back into the flow

b) After school to follow up with homework

3) Extracurricular activity organizer:

– To manage a club for students (video game exchange, music, movies?…) and try to take advantage of the contents of the materials exchanged to have kids work other subject matters (reading and writing, math, physics, accounting…).

– To enrich or manage the school library with audio and visual teaching aids for visual learners

– To organize monthly movie sessions at Kaï Papaï.

If interested, please get in touch with us for more information.