Biodanza: the dance of life

Join our next Biodanza workshop to boost your self-confidence!

To move forward in life without confidence is like being swayed by the waves like a drifting boat. By helping you to develop self-confidence, this workshop will let you means move forward with serenity and self-assurance. Because Biodanza has the power to activate life as a creative process and to strengthen our vitality, it invites us to simultaneously enjoy life, experience pleasure and be more responsible so as to live in harmony a life worthy of the men and women we are.

This workshop will be  held on demand, with a minimum of 8 participants.
All-inclusive weekend stay: 225 US$
(all workshops, accommodation and meals
Workshop schedule:
Fri : 6 to 8 pm , Sat: 9 am to 12 pm &
3 to 6 pm and Sun: 9 am to 12 pm
The workshops are donation-based. 
  50EC$ min donation per session for non-residents of SLU Southern Quadrant. Advance confirmation of attendance required.

Our last Biodanza workshop was taught by Adrien Baya
Biodanza School of Lyon certified, Adrien is also a sophrologist, mind-body therapist, laughter yoga teacher and aikido teacher dedicating his time to human connection.

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a way to finally free all the potential we were born with but have kept suppressed deep inside because of fear, pain, stress and pressure. It works by releasing the knots that these and other negative influences tied up. It works because it is a way to bring out our deepest emotions and feelings, those feelings for which analysis or words alone cannot heal, it gives a way to express them through body movement without having to fear any judgment, neither our own nor that of others. Sharing them with the group and reconnecting with our inner self and the fundamentals of life on earth and beyond makes us feel stronger and accepted as we are, as part of the human community and ready to open up and share positive energy with others to pursue our own goals.

A therapeutic community experience, biodanza is a system of human development created in the 60s by Rolando Toro, a psychologist from Chili, who then brought it to Europe. It integrates, movement, music and dance at its core, to help fully unlock one’s potential and express our innermost wish of unity by going out of our comfort zone and towards others. It is a means to overcome the experience of individualism by sharing this newfound freedom with a group, to give each other permission to feel all the happiness, enthusiasm and love for oneself and for others that we can express.

The Biodanza experience

Experiencing biodanza means letting go of everyday pressure, letting your body express your inner feelings and connecting better with yourself, others and life itself! With the support of the biodanza group, let movement help you and the other participants spread your wings like butterflies emerging from their cocoons.


What biodanza is about

Biodanza is a practice to bring suppleness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life. By linking posture with breath, we work on uniting mind and body, thus giving our inner self the attention we usually divert to mundane worries so as to truly experience the present. This practice helps align the body and allow the free-flow of energy through the spine, improving focus, relaxation and physical well-being.

What happens during our workshops

During our previous workshops, we were fortunate enough to gather people from all walks of life, different social, professional and cultural backgrounds. All participants arrived with their own experiences, expectations and emotions. Only the instructor spoke and we worked in silence which allowed us to connect with our inner-selves. 

Each dance has a different theme with the movements demonstrated. We interacted with each other through movement. It was great to see everyone participating and being guided by the feel of the music uniting as one sharing our feelings and emotions. 

The impact was powerful with each member being fulfilled according to their inner needs. Thanks to the support of the group, when they left, they felt uplifted, de-stressed and empowered so they had much more energy to channel on positive things. Group members reported feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Some had a more restful night sleep, whilst other reported less pain and improved physical conditions. 

Each session runs crescendo to a collective peak and then takes all participants back down to their inner self after which they can pool their emotions to share them with the group and send their positive energy to close ones, people in need, nature and the universe.

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