Devil’s Bridge Canyon

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Rinse in a small river (one hour walk to a small beautiful canyon)

People who know Devil’s bridge folk tale sometimes prefer going there when the sun is still high in the sky. Indeed, the legend goes that the man who built this bridge made a pact with the devil. He promised the devil that if he helped him build a bridge across this 60 meter deep ravine, he would let him take the soul of the first being who would walk over it. However, when the bridge was completed, he let a dog go before him. The dog reached the other side but vanished and was never seen again. The devil must have been satisfied with the prize as he vanished and was never seen again either. Since then, the bridge to which he gave his name links the two steep sides of the ravine, but those who cross it can often not help looking back on their steps to check that they’re not being followed… Well, you still shouldn’t worry too much, all those that went there came back safely and… with some very nice pictures!

It is not more than an hour away from Kaï Papaï, walking through mango, palm and bamboo trees along a dirt road with a distant view of the Pitons.

From the villa, go to the main road and turn left. Then take the first dirt path across the main road to your right. Keep going straight after the first junction. At the second junction, turn left onto an asphalt road with a concrete gutter. Follow this road, which becomes a dirt path, going round a large ravine to the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you’ll find a narrow path heading down to your right into the canyon. It is made of natural steps created by tree roots surfacing the soil and covered with small purple flowers like a wedding promenade. Then climb over a few fallen logs to reach the river. Once there you can slip into the shallow ravine, or you could hop on a few stones.

Do not mind the bamboo reeds creaking in the wind, to the end is a natural pool with warm water where you can bathe and listen to the voices of nature filling the background.