If you’re not in the mood to sweat on a long hike, why not visit our community? You might be impressed by what Saint-Lucians can do.


In the next village, you could see that traditions are still strong when observing how cassava flour used to be made…. with very little equipment and lots of inventiveness.

Visit Belize’s Orchard and see how his garden is prepared, or stop over at Choiseul Art Gallery and get your own unique souvenir from saint lucia.

If you would like to explore the area without too much effort, the road that goes from Cafeière to Myers Bridge is worth having a look at, as it would take you along the ridge of the mountain between two ravines. On your way, a stop-over La Maison Creole museum is a must as the owner would be a very knowledgeable source to find out about the local culture, traditions and artifacts.

If you decide to hit the road to Morne Sion, just after Choiseul, don’t miss the potters who still maintain traditions inherited from the Caribs.

Further down, on Anse l’Ivrogne beach, you could see a sample of some local woodwork .