Piton Flore

Time: 4-5 hours round-trip. Difficulty: 2-3 depending on possible slippery conditions.

Trailhead: Go to the village of Forestiere and follow the road to the end, where the forestry ranger station is.

Much of the trail follows the 200-year old French road that connected Castries with Dennery. You’ll see many impressive stumps of what were majestic Laurier canelle trees, felled for their durable wood.

Fortunately, many other trees, some towering a hundred feet and more, remain to shade the path.

Walk through the forest plantations for about 0.75-miles until you come to a blockhouse, where you turn right onto a small path.

This is the route to the summit. A guide is not necessary but still a good idea. You’ll have some fine views of the Cul-de-Sac Valley as you ascend higher.